SL-194 True Double Beam AAS

ELICO’s SL- 194, AAS Spectrophotometer is fully automated and delivers a new level of flexibility and simplicity. It can work as standalone mode for routine analysis and can also be fully PC Controlled. The selected element lamp is automatically aligned in the built-in 6/8 lamp turret which automatically recognizes coded HCL lamps and loads their operating parameters. The instrument provides many features in terms of performance and saftey never before available on low-cost AAS


  • Built in 4 Line LCD Graphical Display
  • Automated (6/8)  lamp turret compatible to coded & non-coded HCL Lamps with independent Power Supply for warm-up
  • High Energy True Double Beam Optics with Narrow Beam, fully sealed and Quartz over coated mirrors
  • Background correction with D2 lamp source
  • Integral Auto gas control system with LCD display
  • Automatic Ignition and Flame Control with Full Saftey Interlocks
  • Automatic Lamp Alignment
  • Burner Movement in all three directions – height, rotation and lateral.
  • Modes of operation include Absorbance, Emission, Concentration and Standard Addition
  • Optional : 21 CFR Part 11 PC Software, Auto Sampler, Hydride and Cold Vapour Generator, Graphite Furnance.
Range185 to 900 nm
BandwidthAutomatic variable slit from 0 to 2.5 nm continuously variable with increment of 0.1 nm
Readability0.1 nm
Accuracy± 0.5 nm
Repeatability± 0.2 nm
Range0 to 2 Abs
Accuracy± 0.010 Abs at 1.0 Abs
Integration Time0.04 to 99 sec
6/8 Lamps Automatic Turret with Independent Power Supply compatible to coded and non coded HC Lamps.
Czerney Turner 1/3 m with 1800 lines/mm Holographic Grating and Hard Coded Optics.
Deuterium Lamp (D2)
Titanium construction, Premix Laminar Flow100mm burner for Air – Acetylene (C2H2)
Optional – 50 mm burner for Nitrous Oxide (N O) – 2 Acetylene (C2H2)
The Spray Chamber is made of Inert Material .i.e., PTFE (Teflon) fitted with adjustable impact bead Aerosol
Made of fully Inert Material with 90% Platinum and 10% Iridium Alloy Capillary
SAMPLE FEED RATE3 to 8 ml/min (Adjustable)
Wide Range Photo Multiplier Tube (PMT)
Integral Auto Gas Control System with LCD Display, Keyboard and all Fault Indicators with all safety features
Automatic Flame Changeover, Auto Ignition and Shut Off
Optimization of Flame Conditions for each Element with programmable Flame Control
Full Safety Interlocks including Pressure Sensors on both lines, Flame failure Detection, Burner Presence and Recognition, Nebulizer Presence and Drain Sensor, Power Failure Protection and Emergency Flame Shut Off Switch and Flash Back Arrester on the Cylinder
Instrument can be upgraded to Auto Sampler, Hydride and Cold vapour Generator
With Instrument100 mm burner for Air – C2H2 , Nebulizer with SS Capillary, Back Ground Correction with DLamp, Oil free Air Compressor with 100% Dustfree Air Filter, Acetylene (C2H2) regulator with Flashback Arrester.
At extra Cost50 mm burner for N2O2 – C2H2 , Nebulizer with Pt – Ir Capillary, N2O Regulator, Nitrogen Regulator, HC Lamps for desired Elements coded or non coded, Hydride and Cold vapour Generator, Printer, Computer, PC Software, Exhaust Fumehood Chamber, Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer of suitable rating, Acetylene Gas Cylinder, Nitrous Oxide Gas Cylinder and Nitrogen Gas Cylinder.


SL194 Brochure