Atomx XYZ-Soil and Water PTC

The Atomx XYZ is the second generation combined soil/water autosampler and purge and trap concentrator system in the Tekmar VOC product family. It is the only instrument of its kind to employ a unique automated methanol extraction feature for high level soils in accordance with USEPA Method 5035. Methanol rinsing, dilutions capability and three standard addition vessels all come standard on the Atomx XYZ. While priced competitively, the system offers unique features that cannot be found on any other sample prep system on the market today.​

Applications and Industries 

VOC sampling and analysis are used in a wide range of applications in the following industries: 

  • Environmental 
  • Food and Beverage 
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Flavor, Fragrance, and Packaging 
  • Petrochemical 


  • USEPA 502.1, 502.2, 524.2, 524.3, 524.4, 503.1, 601, 602, 603, 624, 5030, 5035, 8010, 8015, 8020, 8021, 8030, 8240, 8260
  • ASTM and Standard Methods
  • Massachusetts VPH and GRO Methods​
  • ​​​84-position vial tray with optional vial chiller to 4 °C

  • Reduced footprint by 13 cm (5”) compared to the previous generation Atomx

  • Reduction of the amount of water transferred to the GC by as much as 60% over previous models, due to the improved Moisture Control System

  • Reduction of potential leak sources due to a precision machined valve manifold block, ensuring a reliable and robust system

  • Faster trap cooling time through dedicated ducting

  • Re-designed software that is intuitive, user-friendly, touchscreen compatible and USB driven to be fully compatible with Windows 10

  • Use of Helium or Nitrogen due to the patented ​Electronic Mass Flow Controller (MFC). The MFC gives the ability to vary flow rates in different modes thus increasing sample throughput

  • Excellent desorption efficiency due to proprietary trapping material

  • Optional Guardian Foam Sensor and Eliminator for foaming sample types

  • Foam detection and prevention options, vial chilling and sparge vessel heater accessories all available