X-300 Spare parts



KP8500A – Spare kit X-300

KP8501A – Spare kit X-300 Advanced

KP8000A – Expansion kit X-300

KP8001A – Magnetic stirrer to prepare solution X-300

KP0009T – PTFE coated magnetic stirrer bar x10




KP0010A – Beaker Teflon with magnetic bar.

KP8169A – Magnetic stirrer board X-300































KP8002A – Heating element X-300

KP8107A – Thermocouple X-300

KP8113A – Complete insulation X-300

KP8110A – Chimney for X-300















KP8006A – Crucible holder fork-shaped piece X-300

KP8008A – Crucible holder hoop-shaped piece X-300

KP8108A – Crucible holder hoop-shaped piece X-300 (Claisse)

KP8009A – Crucible holder collar X-300






KP7003A – Mold fingers X-300/600 (one pair)

KP8004A – Mold fingers supports X-300

KP8005A – Mold fingers locking brackets X-300 (set of 2)




KP7074A – Human Machine Interface (touchscreen) X-300/600

KP7073A – Solid State Relay AC X-300/600

KP7075A – Solid State Relay DC X-300/600

KP8166A – Door motor board X-300

KP8167A – Swing motor board X-300

KP8168A – Rocking motor board X-300

KP8169A – Magnetic stirrer board X-300

KP5063A – Temperature controller

KP5084A – Power supply DC

KP8301A – Mold cooling blower X-300


KP8150A – Rocking sensor X-300

KP8151A – Swing arm with rocking motor cable

KP8152A – Swing arm with rocking sensor cable

KP8109A – Door motor X-300

KP8111A – Door sensors kit X-300

KP8112A – Door timing belt X-300

KP8153A – X-300 Furnace door cam follower bearing

KP8155A – Swing motion sensors X-300

KP8156A – Swing motor X-300

KP8158A – Swing motion belt X-300





KP5075A – Locking solenoid