Radon Scout PMT

Radon Scout PMT :: Radon monitor with Lucas cell

If a large number of Radon samples shall be taken within a short time for later analysing, the Radon detector Radon Scout PMT is the preferable choice. One typical application is the geologocal investigation of new Uranium fields.

The Radon detector uses a replaceable scintillation chamber (Lucas cell) to convert the radiation into light pulses detected by a photo multiplier tube (PMT).
An outstanding low detection limit for that measurement principal is obtained by the continuous signal shape analysis. Practically, the electronic background of the PMT will be removed completely.

The Lucas cells can either be filled seperately on site, or operated in flow through mode as a continuous Radon monitor. The built in sampling pump can be manually switched on and of. Three different chamber sizes are available. Sensors for temperature, humidity and barometric pressure are very usefull add-ons.
The internal memory is big enough to store more than 2000 data records. All acquired data can be loaded by a PC even if a measurement is in progress. The Radon detector can be directly connected to a modem for remote data transmission. The Radon Vision software (included in delivery) handles the telephone connection as simple as a direct cable link.
Two replaceable standart D-size cells enable an autonomous operation over a few days. An extermal power supply allows an operation over infinite time periods. The Lucas cell offers an outstanding sensitivity comoared with other principals. Collected probes can be analysed in a very short time with high accuracy. There is no influence of humidity and temperature.