Mucha is our multi-channel-analyser for ɣ-spectroscopy. 

The gamma radiation measuring system is designed for applications in nuclide laboratories for the determination of radio nuclide purity, for analysis of environmental samples or for determination of very low activities in food, water and waste samples. 

Various scintillation probes of different sizes in suitable lead shielding are available for the Marinelli beaker covering the total crystal volume or for a sample vial installed in the central vial holder. 

The operation of the multi-channel-analyser is simple and self-explanatory. The user is guided by dialog on the screen. The parameter selection and operation are performed by touching a soft key on the screen. 

Every screen offers all operational functions as needed for the analysis to be performed. 

Display of the measured spectrum is live. 

Periodic automatic energy calibration is obtained by using a suitable Cs-137 calibration source. Extended calibration through a suitable multi-nuclides source is also possible.

Selected energy regions are highlighted. 

Selected nuclides are named with the activity unit. Background spectra can be accumulated and automatically subtracted for the selected measurement time at selected regions. 

In order to offer a suitable spectrum display, a low, medium and high energy range can be selected. 

At the end of any measurement the spectrum can be printed or transferred for further analysis or storage to a PC.

Mucha is applied for radionuclide identification during radiopharmaceutical quality control (verification of radioisotope energy peak) and quantitative determination of radio-contaminants coming from cyclotron target or radioisotope generators.