MVX-7100 Autosampler

Pushing the boundaries of ICP MS applications 

Advanced, flexible automation; meeting the challenges and demands of 
ICP-MS today.
The MVX-7100 µL Workstation offers highly consistent, syringe driven, low volume and configurable flow rate sample introduction for quadrupole based, high resolution and multi-collector ICP-MS instrumentation.  This technology opens the door to samples of limited volume and batch analysis of volatile sample types.
This technology also offers the opportunity to work intentionally with lower sample volumes and lower introduction flow rates.  This is of particular interest in isotope ratio determination with multi-collector ICP-MS; while introducing lower sample volumes (notably with blanks) measurement precision can be improved compared with standard methods.  The possibility to analyze isotopic systems within samples previously thought to be present at too low an abundance can now be realized.
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The MVX-7100 µL Workstation uniquely offers the following benefits:
  • The ability to overcome the challenge of low or “sub-optimal” sample volumes
    • Introduce sample aliquots from less than 5 µL to greater than 1.5 mL
  • Obtain greater control over data generation per sample volume
    • The MVX-7100 µL Workstation is compatible with any nebulizer type
    • The user controls the introduction flow rate between:
      • Total consumption nebulization (< 5 µL min-1)
      • “Standard” nebulization (> 1 mL min-1)
    • Expand your analyte suite and generate more data from less material for low sample volumes
      • Tailor your sample volume aliquot and introduction flow rate to meet your measurement time requirements
    • Allow multiple repeat measurements from a low sample volume
  • Ensure sample integrity across an analytical batch
    • Septum piercing of sealed sample vials
    • Control sample temperature between 4°C to 40°​C
      • Minimize sample evaporation of volatile organic matrices
      • Minimize losses of volatile analytes
      • Inhibit the crystallization of high freezing point solvents (such as DMSO) in analysis
    • Homogenize samples immediately prior to sample introduction
  • Compatibility with Well Plates
    • Take sample aliquots from both 96 and 384 well plates up to 44 mm in height
  • Compatibility with most ICP-MS instrumentation
    • Fully integrated with Agilent ICP-MS Mass Hunter (v4.3, patch 3 onwards)
Agilent-Mass-Hunter_Dropdown.png Agilent-Mass-Hunter_MVX-Integration.png

Specif​ication Title

Specification Details

System Space Requirements (H x W x D)

45.7 cm x 66.1 cm x 50.8 cm
(18″ x 26″ x 20″)​

Working ​Area

25.4 cm (10″)
15.3 cm (6″)​


29.5 kg (65 lbs)

Communication Interface

2 Serial Ports; USB (Virtual COM Port)
4 Auxiliary Inputs / 4 Auxiliary Outputs

Power Requirements

100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 3.6 A

Rack Options

Microtiter plates up to 384-wells
CETAC ASX-110 racks​​​