M8 Automated Concentrator

M8 Automated Concentrator

The new LabTech M8 automatic parallel system increases the capacity and sample throughput in laboratories and maintains quality and low cost. With this system it is possible to evaporate to solid state or concentrate into a fixed end-point volume. A compact solution compared to conventional rotary evaporators, with the possibility to be used outside the fume hood thanks to the integrated vapor exhausting system

Technical Features

  • Vortex nitrogen purge to get the highest concentration efficiency. The location and direction of nitrogen purge can be adjusted according to the concentration cup size and sample volume

  • Operations visible through the backlit front window. Sample cups do not need to be handled to check the residual volume

  • Sealed concentration chamber including a high efficient vapour exhausting system

  • Built-in digital nitrogen gas regulator to control the nitrogen flow and the evaporation speed

  • Automatic detection of the liquid endpoint

  • 8 positions supporting 50 & 200ml concentration cups simultaneously

  • 8 infrared sensors for single cup volume control

  • Possibility to place concentration cups in the liquid handler of GPC/SPE directly

  • Liquid bath with temperature control range from ambient to 99.9°C

  • Low liquid level and pressure alarms

  • Touch screen control interface