Data Apex Chromatography software

The Clarity Chromatography Station product line features software and hardware solutions for acquisition, evaluation and presentation of chromatographic data from any chromatograph.







Chromatography software – basic configuration (single instrument)
Additional instruments (up to four), can be ordered (p/n C55)


Clarity Lite
Single instrument chromatography software only


Clarity Offline
Offline chromatography software for data evaluation


Clarity Upgrades
Upgrades from Clarity Lite to Clarity and other options of upgrades from older versions of Chromatography software.


Clarity Validation Kit
Kit for Operational Qualification – includes Clarity Validator, DVD with methods, printed manual and cables

Main FeaturesControls are software modules that provide an interface with chromatography devices such as GC Chromatographs, HPLC Pumps, Autosamplers or Valves. The list of controlled instruments is also available as PDF Datasheet D004

Available types of instruments
GCs (p/n A23)
HPLC Systems (p/n A24)
HPLC Pumps (p/n A24)
HPLC Detectors (p/n A24)
PDA Detectors (p/n A24 + p/n A29)
LC-MS Detectors (p/n A38 + p/n A24)
GC-MS Detectors (p/n A37 + p/n A23)
GC-MS TOF Detectors (p/n A37 + p/n A23)
HPLC Other (p/n A24)
GC Accessories (p/n A23)
Autosamplers (p/n A26)
HPLC Autosampler Accessories (p/n A26)
HPLC Column Ovens (p/n A24)
Fraction collectors (p/n A24)
Valves (p/n A24 or A23)
Amino Acid Analyzers
Capillary Electrophoresis (p/n A31)
Balances for Clarity EA Extension (p/n A30)
Other (p/n A24 or A23)


GCs (p/n A23)

Agilent5890 IIRS232Ready
Agilent6820RS232 or LANReady
Agilent6850RS232 or LANReady
Agilent6850 IIRS232 or LANReady
Agilent6890 PlusRS232 or LANReady
Agilent6890NRS232 or LANReady
Agilent7820LAN – ICFTesting
Agilent7890ALAN – ICFTesting
Agilent7890BLAN – ICFTesting
Ample Technology CenterATC-6900 GCLANReady
Apix /2,3ChromPixLANTesting
Apix /2,3ChromPix2LANTesting
Apix /2,3TwinPixLANTesting
DaniGC1000RS232 + A/D converterReady
Dani /2,4Master GCRS232 or LANReady
Ellutia /2,3200 SeriesRS232 + A/D converterReady
Ellutia /2,4300 SeriesRS232 + A/D converterReady
Fuli /2GC 9720 PlusLANTesting
GOW-MACSeries 816LANReady
ShimadzuGC14CRS232, OPT-USB + A/D converterReady
ShimadzuGC17ARS232, OPT-USB + A/D converterReady
ShimadzuGC2010 PlusRS232Ready
ShimadzuGC2014C APC/AFCRS232Ready
Snir /2,3Sion 4210LANTesting
YL Instrument /2YL6100RS232Ready
YL Instrument /2YL6500LANReady

HPLC Systems (p/n A24)

Agilent1100 LC (see list of particular components)LAN – ICFReady
Agilent1100 systemGPIB, LANReady
Agilent1120 LC (G4286A, G4287A, G4288A, G4289A, G4290A)LAN – ICFReady
Agilent1200 LC (see list of particular components)LAN – ICFReady
Agilent1200 system (selected modules only)LANReady
Agilent1220 LC (G4286B, G4286C, G4287B, G4287C, G4288B, G4289B, G4290B, G4291B, G4291C, G4292B, G4292C, G4293B), 1220 VL (G4288C, G4289C, G4290C, G4293C, G4294B)LAN – ICFReady
Agilent1260 Infinity (see list of particular components)LAN – ICFReady
Agilent1260 Infinity IILAN – ICFTesting
Agilent1290 Infinity II (see list of particular components)LAN – ICFReady
Alltesta /2AnalyzerRS232Testing
Analytical Technologies Limited /1iUHPLC Series 3000PlusRS232Testing
CoruiTech /2RainbowLANTesting
CoruiTech /2RainbowCLANTesting
CVC Technologies /1AtimaLANTesting
CVC Technologies /1,5LaevitasUSBReady
Dalian Elite /2,6EClassical 3100LANReady
Dalian Elite /2,6iChrom 5100LANReady
Dalian Elite /2,6SOPTOP 1620A PlusLANReady
GL Science /2,5LC800USBReady
Hanon Instruments /1LC7000LAN/RS232Ready
Hanon Instruments /1LC7300LAN/RS232Ready
Hitachi /7,8ChromasterUSBReady
Hitachi /5,8LaChrom EliteUSBReady
Hitachi /5,7,8PrimaideUSBReady
Ingos /2LC 5000LANTesting
Interlab /3,8MAESTROUSBReady
Knauer /2AzuraRS232Ready
Knauer /2BlueShadowRS232Ready
Knauer /2SmartlineRS232Ready
Knauer /2WellChromRS232Ready
NewPerkinElmer /2FlexarRS232 + LANTesting
RIGOL /2L-3000RS232Testing
Shimadzu /5LC-10RS232 or LAN + corresp. controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
Shimadzu /5LC-20 ProminenceRS232 or LAN + corresp. controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
SSIB2300RS232 + LC UNIReady
SSIVersaGrad, VersaGrad UHPRS232 + LC UNIReady
Sykam /2S500RS232Ready
Sykam /2S600RS232Ready
YL Instrument /2ChroZenLANReady
YL Instrument /2YL9100LAN/RS232Ready
YL Instrument /2YL9300LAN/RS232Ready
YL Instrument /1YL9800USBReady

HPLC Pumps (p/n A24)

 Any pump with flow controlled by voltage or frequencyCB20 or ZebrickReady
 Any pump with on-line flow controlled by text (ASCII) comm. protocolRS232 – LC UNIReady
Agilent1100 BinaryGPIB, LANReady
Agilent1100 IsocraticGPIB, LANReady
Agilent1100 QuaternaryGPIB, LANReady
Agilent1200 BinaryLANReady
Agilent1200 IsocraticLANReady
Agilent1200 QuaternaryLANReady
AgilentBinary (G1312A, G1312B, G1312C) (all including selected pump valve clusters)LAN – ICFReady
AgilentBinary (G1376A, G2226A, G4220A, G4220B, G4302A, G7112B, G7120A, G7161A, G7161B) (all including selected pump valve clusters)LAN – ICFTesting
AgilentIsocratic (G1310A, G1310B) (all including selected pump valve clusters)LAN – ICFReady
AgilentIsocratic (G1361A, G7110B) (all including selected pump valve clusters)LAN – ICFTesting
AgilentQuaternary (G1311A, G1311B, G1311C, G4204A) (all including selected pump valve clusters)LAN – ICFReady
AgilentQuaternary (G5611A, G5654A, G7104A, G7104C, G7111A, G7111B) (all including selected pump valve clusters)LAN – ICFTesting
Alltech/Grace301RS232 – LC UNIReady
Alltech/Grace426RS232 – LC UNIReady
Alltech/Grace626RS232 – LC UNIReady
Alltech/Grace726RS232 – LC UNIReady
Analytical Technologies LimitedALC2010RS232 – LC UNIReady
Analytical Technologies LimitedALC2100RS232 – LC UNIReady
Analytical Technologies LimitedCOLUMN-WASHRS232 – LC UNIReady
Analytical Technologies Limited /1P-3210URS232Testing
Analytical Technologies Limited /1PB-3220URS232Testing
Analytical Technologies Limited /1PQ-3245URS232Testing
Antec /1LC100SRS232Ready
Antec /1LC110RS232Ready
ASI500, 501RS232 – UNI RubyReady
ASI520RS232 – UNI RubyReady
Beckman/Altex110A, 110B, 114CB20 or ZebrickReady
Bio-Rad1350CB20 or ZebrickReady
Chrom TechISO-100RS232Ready
Chrom TechISO-1000RS232Ready
Chrom TechISO-1500RS232Ready
Chrom TechISO-2000RS232Ready
ChromophorChromopeak 2010RS232 – UNI RubyReady
ChromsystemsCLC 300CB20 or ZebrickReady
ChromsystemsCLC 330RS232Ready
Ecom /2Alpha 05RS232Ready
Ecom /2Alpha 10RS232Ready
EcomAlpha 10RS232 – LC UNIReady
Ecom /2Alpha 100RS232Ready
EcomAlpha 100RS232 – LC UNIReady
Ecom /2Alpha 250RS232Ready
Ecom /2Alpha 50RS232Ready
EcomAlpha 50RS232 – LC UNIReady
Ecom /2Beta 10RS232Ready
EcomBeta 10RS232 – LC UNIReady
Ecom /2Beta 50RS232Ready
EcomBeta 50RS232 – LC UNIReady
Ecom /2ECP2002, ECP2010, ECP2050, ECP2100, ECP2300RS232 or LANReady
Ecom /2IOTA-250, IOTA-300, IOTA-400, IOTA-S-10, IOTA-S-50, IOTA-S-100, IOTA-S-200, IOTA-S-300RS232Ready
EcomKAPPA10RS232 – LC UNIReady
Ecom /2KAPPA10PPRS232Ready
EcomLCP 4000CB20 or ZebrickReady
EcomLCP 4020CB20 or ZebrickReady
Ecom /2LCP 4050RS232Ready
Ecom /2LCP 4100RS232Ready
EcomLCP 4100RS232 – LC UNIReady
Flom301MRS232 – UNI RubyReady
FlomAI-12 seriesRS232 – UNI RubyReady
FlomUI-22 (UI series)RS232Testing
Flux – Thermo /2AllegroRS232Ready
Flux – Thermo /2Rheos 2000RS232Ready
Flux – Thermo /2Rheos 2200RS232Ready
Gilson302, 303GSIOCReady
Gilson305, 306, 307GSIOCReady
GynkotekM300CSCB20 or ZebrickReady
GynkotekM480CB20 or ZebrickReady
Hanon Instruments /1LC7010, LC7011, LC7012LANReady
Hitachi /7,8Chromaster 5110, 5160USBReady
Hitachi /8L-2100USBReady
Hitachi /8L-2130USBReady
HitachiL-6000via L-6200Ready
HitachiL-6200, L-6210RS232Ready
Hitachi /5,7,8Primaide 1110USBReady
JASCOPU-880CB20 or ZebrickReady
Knauer /210P/20PRS232 or LANReady
Knauer /240PRS232 or LANReady
Knauer /280PRS232 or LANReady
Knauer /2K-1000RS232Ready
Knauer /2K-1001RS232Ready
Knauer /2K-120RS232Ready
Knauer /2K-1800, Prep Pump 1800RS232Ready
KnauerK-500CB20 or ZebrickReady
KnauerK-501CB20 or ZebrickReady
Knauer /2K-501RS232Ready
KnauerM-64CB20 or ZebrickReady
Knauer /2P2.1LLANReady
Knauer /2P2.1S/P4.1SRS232 or LANReady
Knauer /2P6.1LLANReady
Knauer /2PLATINblue P-1RS232 or LANReady
Knauer /2S100RS232 or LANReady
Knauer /2Smartline 1050RS232 or LANReady
Knauer /2Smartline S1000RS232Ready
KnauerSmartline S1000RS232 – LC UNIReady
Kontron320, 322, 325RS232 – LC UNITesting
Kontron420RS232 – LC UNIReady
Kontron422RS232 – LC UNIReady
Kontron525RS232 – LC UNIReady
LKB – AmershamLKB 3500CB20 or ZebrickReady
LKB – AmershamP-50CB20 or ZebrickReady
LKB – AmershamP-500CB20 or ZebrickReady
NewPerkinElmer /2Flexar Binary LC PumpRS232Testing
NewPerkinElmer /2Flexar Quaternary LC PumpRS232Testing
PerkinElmerNexSAR pumpRS232Ready
Postnova AnalyticsPN1130CB20 or ZebrickReady
RIGOL /2L-3200RS232Testing
Schambeck9404CB20 or ZebrickReady
Schambeck /1S 9425RS232Ready
SchambeckSDS 9414 ICB20 or ZebrickReady
SchambeckSFD 2100RS232Ready
ShimadzuLC-10ADShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuLC-10ADvpShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuLC-10AiShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuLC-10ASShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuLC-10ATShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuLC-10ATvpShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuLC-20ABShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuLC-20AB (in LC-10 emulation mode only)OPT-USBReady
ShimadzuLC-20ADShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuLC-20AD (in LC-10 emulation mode only)OPT-USBReady
ShimadzuLC-20ADXRShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuLC-20ADXR (in LC-10 emulation mode only)OPT-USBReady
ShimadzuLC-20ASShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuLC-20AS (in LC-10 emulation mode only)OPT-USBReady
ShimadzuLC-20ATShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuLC-20AT (in LC-10 emulation mode only)OPT-USBReady
ShimadzuLC-6ACB20 or ZebrickReady
ShimadzuLC-6ADShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuLC-8AShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
SparkSPH1240RS232, USB or LANReady
SparkSPH1299RS232, USB or LANTesting
SSI150RS232 – UNI RubyReady
SSI1500RS232 – UNI RubyReady
SSI222DCB20 or ZebrickReady
SSIHF 300RS232 – UNI RubyReady
SSIMighty-MiniRS232 – UNI RubyTesting
SSIPrep 100RS232 – UNI RubyReady
SSIPrep 300RS232 – UNI RubyReady
SSIQ-GradRS232 – UNI RubyReady
SSISeries I, Series IIRS232 – UNI RubyReady
SSISeries IIIRS232 – UNI RubyReady
SSIUHPRS232 – UNI RubyReady
SSIVersaGrad UHPRS232 – UNI RubyReady
SykamS1021, S1521CB20 or ZebrickReady
SykamS1122CB20 or ZebrickReady
Sykam /2S1125RS232Ready
Sykam /2S1130RS232Ready
Sykam /2S1132RS232Ready
TechlabMinipump1RS232 – UNI RubyReady
Teledyne ISCO2300CB20 or ZebrickReady
TSPConstametric IIICB20 or ZebrickReady
UnicamPU 4015CB20 or ZebrickReady
Varian212-LCRS232 – UNI RubyReady
Waters6000ACB20 or ZebrickReady
WatersM 45, 501, 510, 515CB20 or ZebrickReady
WatrexDeltaChrom P200RS232 – LC UNIReady
WatrexDeltaChrom SDS20RS232 – LC UNIReady
WatrexDeltaChrom SDS30RS232 – LC UNIReady
WatrexMighty-MiniRS232 – UNI RubyTesting
YL InstrumentChroZen UHPLC PumpLANTesting
YL Instrument /2YL9110, YL9111, YL9112LANReady

HPLC Detectors (p/n A24)

Agilent1100 MWDGPIB, LANReady
Agilent1100 RIDGPIB, LANReady
Agilent1100 VWDGPIB, LANReady
Agilent /91200 MWDLANReady
Agilent1200 VWDLANReady
Agilent1200: ELSDRS232Ready
AgilentELSD (G4218A, G4260A, G4260B, G4261A, G4261B, G7102A)LAN – ICFTesting
AgilentFLD (G1321A, G1321B)LAN – ICFReady
AgilentFLD (G1321C, G7121A, G7121B)LAN – ICFTesting
AgilentMWD (G1365A, G1365B, G1365C, G1365D)LAN – ICFReady
AgilentMWD (G7165A)LAN – ICFTesting
AgilentRID (G1362A)LAN – ICFReady
AgilentRID (G7162A, G7162B)LAN – ICFTesting
AgilentVWD (G1314A, G1314B, G1314C, G1314D)LAN – ICFReady
AgilentVWD (G1314E, G1314F, G7114A, G7114B)LAN – ICFTesting
Alltech/Grace3300 ELSDLANReady
Analytical Technologies Limited /1ASPD2600RS232Ready
Analytical Technologies Limited /1UVD-3500URS232Testing
ANALYTIK Jena /2PlasmaQuant MSLANTesting
AntecDECADE EliteUSB, LANReady
AntecDECADE IIRS232Ready
AntecROXY PotentiostatRS232Ready
CoruiTech /2Rainbow detectorUSBTesting
Ecom /2ApatiteRS232Ready
Ecom /2BABY18DADRS232 or LANTesting
Ecom /2ECD2600, ECD2800RS232 or LANReady
Ecom /2Flash 06 DADRS232Ready
Ecom /2Flash 06 SingleRS232Ready
Ecom /2Flash 10 DADRS232Ready
Ecom /2MalachiteRS232Ready
Ecom /2OpalRS232Ready
EcomRI2012RS232 – UNI RubyReady
Ecom /2SapphireRS232Ready
Ecom /2TOY14DADRS232 or LANTesting
Ecom /2TOY18DADRS232 or LANTesting
Elysia-raytest /2,10Gabi NovaUSB or LANTesting
Elysia-raytest /2,10Gabi Star RadiodetectorRS232Ready
Elysia-raytest /2,10POMO RadiodetectorUSB – UNI RubyReady
Elysia-raytest /2,10Ramona StarRS232Testing
ERCRefractoMax 520 SeriesRS232 – UNI RubyReady
ESACoulochem IIIUSBReady
GilsonPrepELS™ IIRS232Ready
Hanon Instruments /1LC7020LANReady
Hanon Instruments /1LC7070RS232Ready
Hanon Instruments /1LC7081RS232Ready
Hi CorporationRI2012RS232 – UNI RubyReady
Hitachi /7,8Chromaster 5410, 5420, 5440, 5450USBReady
Hitachi /8L-2400USBReady
Hitachi /5,7,8Primaide 1410USBReady
Interlab /3MAESTRO ELSDRS232Testing
InterlabOmega FLDUSBTesting
InterlabOmega UV-VISUSBTesting
Japan Analytical Industry Co., LTD. /2RI-700IIRS232Ready
Knauer /210DRS232 or LANReady
Knauer /240DRS232 or LANReady
Knauer /250DRS232 or LANReady
Knauer /2CM2.1SRS232 or LANReady
Knauer /2Conductivity Monitor 2900RS232Ready
Knauer /2K-2600RS232Ready
Knauer /2MWD2.1LLANReady
Knauer /2PLATINblue MW-1RS232 or LANReady
Knauer /2S200 UVRS232Ready
Knauer /2S2300 RIDRS232Ready
Knauer /2S2400 RIDRS232Ready
Knauer /2,11S2510RS232Ready
Knauer /2S2520 VWDRS232 or LANReady
Knauer /2S2550 VWDRS232 or LANReady
Knauer /2Smartline S2500 VWDRS232Ready
Knauer /2UVD2.1LRS232 or LANReady
Knauer /2UVD2.1SRS232 or LANReady
Knauer /2WellChrom RI (K-2300, K-2301, K-2400, K-2401)RS232Ready
Knauer /2WellChrom UV (K-2000, K-2001, K-2500, K-2501)RS232Ready
Kontron432A/D converter + RS232 – UNI RubyReady
NewPerkinElmer /2Flexar FX-UV/VisRS232Testing
NewPerkinElmer /2Flexar UV/VisRS232Testing
PerkinElmer /2NexION 1000LANTesting
PerkinElmer /2NexION 2000LANTesting
RecipeEC6000RS232 – UNI RubyTesting
Recipe /1FW3000RS232Ready
Recipe /1UV3000RS232Ready
RIGOL /2L-3500RS232Testing
SchambeckRI 2000RS232 – UNI RubyReady
SchambeckRI 2012RS232 – UNI RubyReady
SchambeckS 2020RS232 – UNI RubyReady
SchambeckS 2030RS232 – UNI RubyReady
Schambeck /1S 4245RS232Ready
Schambeck /1ZAM 3000RS232Ready
Schambeck /1ZAM 4000RS232Ready
SedereSedex 100LTRS232 or USBReady
Sedere /12Sedex 80LTRS232Ready
SedereSedex 85LTRS232Ready
SedereSedex 90LTRS232 or USBReady
SedereSedex FPRS232 or USBReady
SedereSedex LCRS232 or USBReady
Semba Biosciences /1Octave 4XRS232Ready
Semba Biosciences /1Octave 4XERS232Ready
ShimadzuRF-10AShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
Shimadzu /1RF-10AxlRS232Ready
ShimadzuRF-10AxlShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
Shimadzu /1,13RF-20ARS232Ready
ShimadzuRF-20AShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
Shimadzu /1RF-20AxsRS232Ready
ShimadzuRF-20AxsShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuRID-10AShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuSPD-10AShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuSPD-10AiShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuSPD-10AVShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuSPD-10AViShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuSPD-10AvpShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuSPD-10AVvpShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuSPD-20AShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuSPD-20AVShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShodexRI-101RS232 – UNI RubyReady
ShodexRI-102RS232 – UNI RubyReady
ShodexRI-104RS232 – UNI RubyReady
ShodexRI-501LAN – UNI RubyTesting
ShodexRI-501EXLAN – UNI RubyTesting
ShodexRI-502LAN – UNI RubyTesting
ShodexRI-504LAN – UNI RubyTesting
SykamRI2000RS232 – UNI RubyReady
Sykam /2S3245RS232Ready
Sykam /2S3250RS232Ready
SykamS3585RS232 – UNI RubyReady
SykamS3590RS232 – UNI RubyReady
YL Instrument /2ChroZen HPLC-A UVDLANReady
YL Instrument /2ChroZen UHPLC UVDLANReady
YL Instrument /2YL9120LANReady
YL Instrument /2YL9170RS232Ready
YL Instrument /2YL9180RS232Ready
YL InstrumentYL9181RS232Ready

PDA Detectors (p/n A24 + p/n A29)

Agilent1100: DAD, FLDGPIB, LANReady
Agilent1200: DAD (G1315C, G1315D only)LANTesting
Agilent /91200: DAD, FLDLANReady
AgilentG1315ALAN – ICFReady
AgilentG1315BLAN – ICFReady
AgilentG1315CLAN – ICFReady
AgilentG1315DLAN – ICFReady
AgilentG4212ALAN – ICFReady
AgilentG4212BLAN – ICFReady
AgilentG7115ALAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG7117ALAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG7117BLAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG7117CLAN – ICFTesting
Analytical Technologies Limited /1DAD-3520URS232Testing
Dalian Elite /2,6iChrom 5100 PDALANTesting
Duratec /14DDT-3200 PDAUSBReady
Ecom /2ECDA2000, ECDA2800USB or LANTesting
Ecom /2Flash 12 DADRS232Ready
Ecom /2FLASH 14 DADRS232Ready
EcomTOYDAD 400RS232Testing
ECOMTOYDAD 400 LRS232Testing
ECOMTOYDAD 600RS232Testing
ECOMTOYDAD 600 LRS232Testing
ECOMTOYDAD 800RS232Testing
ECOMTOYDAD 800 LRS232Testing
Hanon Instruments /1LC7060LANReady
Hitachi /7,8Chromaster 5430USBReady
Hitachi /5,7,8Primaide 1430USBReady
Knauer /2DAD2.1LLANReady
Knauer /2DAD6.1LLANReady
Knauer /2K-2700LANReady
Knauer /2K-2800LANReady
Knauer /2PLATINblue PDA-1LANReady
Knauer /2S2800 PDALANReady
Knauer /2S2850 PDALANReady
Knauer /2Smartline S2600 MWDRS232Ready
NewPerkinElmer /2Flexar Plus PDALANTesting
Prince /2Next DADRS232Testing
RIGOL /2L-3520USB or LANTesting
ShimadzuSPD-M10AvpShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuSPD-M20AShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
SykamS3210, S3240RS232Testing
YL Instrument /2ChroZen HPLC-A PDALANReady
YL Instrument /2ChroZen UHPLC PDALANReady
YL Instrument /2YL9160LANReady

LC-MS Detectors (p/n A38 + p/n A24)

AdvionExpression CMSUSBReady
Microsaic4000 MiDLANReady
Microsaic4500 MiDLANReady
YL InstrumentYL9900USBReady

GC-MS Detectors (p/n A37 + p/n A23)

YL InstrumentYL6900LANTesting

GC-MS TOF Detectors (p/n A37 + p/n A23)

Dani /2MasterTOFUSBReady
Markes InternationalBenchTOFLANReady

HPLC Other (p/n A24)

Bronkhorst /1mini Cori-FlowRS232Testing
NewECOMPanda-30 HIDUSBReady
Knauer /2ASM2.1LLANReady
Knauer /2I-BoxRS232Ready
Knauer /2IF2RS232Ready
Knauer /2IFU 2.1USBReady
Knauer /2Manager 40MRS232Ready
Knauer /2Smartline Manager 5000RS232Ready
ShimadzuCBM-20ARS232 or LANReady
ShimadzuCBM-20AliteRS232 or LANReady
ShimadzuSCL-10AvpRS232 or LANReady
SISwSSI pumps USB interfaceUSB – UNI RubyReady
SISw /2Systec Degasser WatchdogUSB – UNI RubyReady
SISw /2USB pH monitorUSB – UNI RubyReady
Unimicro /2HVPSRS232Testing

GC Accessories (p/n A23)

Faculty of Science, Charles University in PragueGCxGC ModulatorRS232Ready

Autosamplers (p/n A26)

 Any autosampler with the Ready input and Inject output (Inject marker)I/O deviceReady
Agilent1100 ALSGPIB, LANReady
Agilent1100 TASGPIB, LANReady
Agilent1200 ALS, 1200 TASLANReady
Agilent6850 ALSthrough GC6850Ready
Agilent7673 IIRS232Ready
Agilent7683through GC6890Ready
Agilent7683, 7693through GC7890Ready
Agilent7697ALAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG1313A (all including thermostat (G1330A, G1330B))LAN – ICFReady
AgilentG1327A (all including thermostat (G1330A, G1330B))LAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG1329A (all including thermostat (G1330A, G1330B))LAN – ICFReady
AgilentG1329B (all including thermostat (G1330A, G1330B))LAN – ICFReady
AgilentG1367A (all including thermostat (G1330A, G1330B))LAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG1367B (all including thermostat (G1330A, G1330B))LAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG1367C (all including thermostat (G1330A, G1330B))LAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG1367D (all including thermostat (G1330A, G1330B))LAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG1367E (all including thermostat (G1330A, G1330B))LAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG1368A (all including thermostat (G1330A, G1330B))LAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG1377A (all including thermostat (G1330A, G1330B))LAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG1378A (all including thermostat (G1330A, G1330B))LAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG1389A (all including thermostat (G1330A, G1330B))LAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG2258A (all including thermostat (G1330A, G1330B))LAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG2260A (all including thermostat (G1330A, G1330B))LAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG4226A (all including thermostat (G1330A, G1330B))LAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG4227A (all including thermostat (G1330A, G1330B))LAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG4303A (all including thermostat (G1330A, G1330B))LAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG4767A (all including thermostat (G1330A, G1330B))LAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG5667A (all including thermostat (G1330A, G1330B))LAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG5668A (all including thermostat (G1330A, G1330B))LAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG7129A (all including thermostat (G1330A, G1330B))LAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG7129B (all including thermostat (G1330A, G1330B))LAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG7129C (all including thermostat (G1330A, G1330B))LAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG7157A (all including thermostat (G1330A, G1330B))LAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG7167A (all including thermostat (G1330A, G1330B))LAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG7167B (all including thermostat (G1330A, G1330B))LAN – ICFTesting
Ample Technology CenterATC3000ALANReady
Ample Technology CenterATC3100ALANReady
Ample Technology CenterATC3200ALANReady
Analytical Technologies Limited /1AS-3320URS232Testing
Analytical Technologies LimitedAS2000RS232Ready
AntecAS 100RS232Ready
Antec /1AS 110RS232Ready
Antec /1AS 110 MicroRS232Ready
ChromsystemsCLC 200RS232Ready
CTC AnalyticsA200SRS232Ready
CTC AnalyticsPAL (GC, LC, Combi)RS232 or LANReady
CTC AnalyticsPAL LSILANTesting
CTC AnalyticsPAL RSILANTesting
CTC AnalyticsPAL RTCLANTesting
CTC AnalyticsPAL-xt (LC-xt, HTC-xt, HTS-xt, HTX-xt, GC-xt, Combi-xt, Combi-xt extended)RS232 or LANReady
CTC AnalyticsPAL3 SystemLANTesting
Dani /2,4Master ASRS232Ready
Dani /2,4Master DHSRS232Ready
Dani /2,4Master SHSRS232, USB or LANReady
Eicom /3AS-700RS232, USB or LANReady
Hanon Instruments /1LC7050RS232Ready
Hitachi /7,8Chromaster 5210USBReady
Hitachi /7,8Chromaster 5260USBReady
Hitachi /7,8Chromaster 5280USBReady
Hitachi /8L-2200USBReady
Hitachi /5,7,8Primaide 1210USBReady
HTA /2HT1500LUSBReady
HTAHT2000H, HT2000HTLANReady
HTAHT280T (without SPME)RS232Ready
HTAHT300A, HT310A, HT300LV, HT310LVRS232Ready
HTA /2HT800LRS232Ready
KnauerAS 3800RS232Ready
KnauerAS 3900RS232Ready
Knauer /2AS 3950RS232Ready
KnauerAS 6.1LRS232 or LANReady
Knauer /2PLATINblue AS-1RS232 or LANReady
Kontron360RS232 – UNI RubyReady
Kontron460RS232 – UNI RubyReady
Kontron465RS232 – UNI RubyReady
Kontron560RS232 – UNI RubyReady
NewPerkinElmer /2Flexar ASRS232, USB, LANTesting
PerkinElmerNexSAR Inert HPLC AutosamplerRS232, USB or LANReady
Postnova AnalyticsPN5300RS232Ready
RIGOL /2L-3320RS232, USB or LANTesting
Schambeck /1S 6250RS232Ready
Schambeck /1S 6300RS232Ready
ShimadzuAOC-20i, AOC-20s, AOC-20dRS232Ready
ShimadzuSIL-10ADvpShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuSIL-10AFShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuSIL-10AXLShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuSIL-20AShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuSIL-20ACShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuSIL-20ACHTShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuSIL-20ACXRShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuSIL-20AHTShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuSIL-20AXRShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuSIL-HTAShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuSIL-HTCShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
Snir /2,3Sion 120RS232Testing
Spark /1AliasRS232Ready
SparkAlias (including User Program)RS232, USB or LANReady
SparkBasic Marathon (Plus, XT)RS232Ready
SparkIntegrityRS232, USB or LANReady
Sykam /2S5250RS232Ready
Sykam /2S5300RS232Ready
Vici-VALCOMulti-position valve used as ASRS232 – UNI RubyReady
YL InstrumentChroZen UHPLC ALSLANReady
YL InstrumentYL2000H, YL2000HTLANReady
YL InstrumentYL2100HLANReady
YL InstrumentYL3000ALANReady
YL InstrumentYL3100ALANReady
YL InstrumentYL3200ALANReady
YL Instrument /1YL9150RS232Ready
YL Instrument /2YL9150 PlusLANTesting
YL InstrumentYL9151RS232Ready

HPLC Autosampler Accessories (p/n A26)

R-BiopharmRIDACRESTRS232, USB or LANReady
SparkACERS232, USB or LANReady
SparkHPDRS232, USB or LANReady
SparkSymbiosisRS232, USB or LANReady

HPLC Column Ovens (p/n A24)

Agilent1100 TCCGPIB, LANReady
Agilent1200 TCCLANReady
AgilentG1316ALAN – ICFReady
AgilentG1316BLAN – ICFReady
AgilentG1316CLAN – ICFReady
AgilentG7116ALAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG7116BLAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG7130ALAN – ICFTesting
Analytical Technologies Limited /1CO-3400URS232Testing
Cluzeau Info-LaboCroco-CILRS232 – UNI RubyReady
Cluzeau Info-LaboGecko-2000RS232 – UNI RubyReady
Cluzeau Info-LaboIgloo-CILRS232 – UNI RubyReady
Ecom /2ECO2080, ECO2099RS232 or LANReady
EcomLCO 102RS232 – UNI RubyReady
Hanon Instruments /1LC7030LANReady
Hitachi /7,8Chromaster 5310USBReady
Hitachi /7,8Chromaster Ultra RS 6310USBReady
Hitachi /8L-2300USBReady
Hitachi /5,7,8Primaide 1310USBReady
Knauer /2CT2.1RS232 or LANReady
Knauer /2PLATINblue T-1RS232 or LANReady
Knauer /2S4000RS232 or LANReady
Knauer /2S4050RS232 or LANReady
NewPerkinElmer /2Flexar LC Column OvenRS232Testing
PerkinElmerNexSAR Column OvenRS232Ready
R-BiopharmRIDACREST Column OvenRS232Ready
RecipeCH3000RS232 – UNI RubyReady
RecipeHT4000RS232 or LANReady
RIGOL /2L-3400RS232Testing
ShimadzuCTO-10AShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuCTO-10ACShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuCTO-10ACvpShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuCTO-10ASvpShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuCTO-10AvpShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuCTO-20AShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuCTO-20ACShimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
SSI605 COCRS232 – UNI RubyReady
TechlabK-7RS232 – UNI RubyReady
Thermotechnic Products /1JetStreamRS232Ready
Unimicro /2Unimicro ThermostatRS232Testing
UpdateVici-VALCO /2Fast Temperature ProgrammerRS232Ready
WatrexCTC 100RS232 – UNI RubyReady
YL Instrument /2ChroZen HPLC-A CCLANReady
YL Instrument /2ChroZen UHPLC CCLANReady
YL Instrument /2YL9130LANReady

Fraction collectors (p/n A24)

 Any fraction collector using the Next and Collect/Waste eventsClarity-controlled device with 2 TTL outputs (INT7, etc.) + FC GPReady
AdvantecCHF122SCRS232 – UNI RubyReady
AgilentG1364ALAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG1364BLAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG1364CLAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG1364DLAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG1364ELAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG1364FLAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG5664ALAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG5664BLAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG7159BLAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG7166ALAN – ICFTesting
Bio-RadBioFracFC GPReady
Büchi /1,11C-660RS232Ready
Ecom /2ECF2096RS232 or LANTesting
Gilson203BRS232 – UNI RubyReady
Gilson204RS232 – UNI RubyReady
Japan Analytical Industry Co., LTD. /2FC-7000RS232Testing
Knauer /2,11S3000RS232 or LANReady
Knauer /2,11S3050RS232 or LANReady
Labomatic Instruments /1,11Labocol VARIO-4000RS232 or LANTesting
Labomatic Instruments /1,11Labocol VARIO-4000 PlusRS232 or LANTesting
LKB AmershamFrac100FC GPTesting
RheodyneMX Series II valves used as FCUSBReady
Teledyne ISCOFOXY 200RS232 – UNI RubyReady
Teledyne ISCO /1,11FOXY Jr. Ready
Teledyne ISCOFOXY Jr.RS232 – UNI RubyReady
Teledyne ISCO /1,11FOXY R1 Ready
Teledyne ISCOFOXY R1RS232 – UNI RubyReady
Teledyne ISCO /1,11FOXY R2 Ready
Teledyne ISCOFOXY R2RS232 – UNI RubyReady
Vici-VALCOMulti-position valve used as FCRS232 – UNI RubyReady
WatersFraction Collector IIRS232 – UNI RubyReady
YL InstrumentYL FC1RS232 – UNI RubyReady
YL InstrumentYL FC2RS232 – UNI RubyReady

Valves (p/n A24 or A23)

AgilentG1156ALAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG1157ALAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG1158ALAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG1158BLAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG1159ALAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG1160ALAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG1162ALAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG1163ALAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG1170ALAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG4243ALAN – ICFTesting
AgilentG7170BLAN – ICFTesting
Knauer /2K-2, K-6, K-12, K-16, V2, V6, V12, V16RS232 or LANReady
Knauer /2V2.1SRS232 or LANReady
Knauer /2VU4.1RS232 or LANReady
PerkinElmerNexSAR Switching valveRS232Ready
RheodyneLabPro Series valvesRS232 – UNI RubyReady
RheodyneMX Series II valvesUSBReady
RheodyneTitan Series valvesRS232Ready
ShimadzuFCV-10AL (all through selected LC-10/20 pumps only)Shimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuFCV-10ALvp (all through selected LC-10/20 pumps only)Shimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuFCV-11AL (all through selected LC-10/20 pumps only)Shimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuFCV-11ALS (all through selected LC-10/20 pumps only)Shimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuFCV-12AH (all through selected LC-20 column ovens only)Shimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuFCV-14AH (all through selected LC-20 column ovens only)Shimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuFCV-15AL (all through selected LC-10/20 pumps only)Shimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
ShimadzuLPGE Unit (all through selected LC-10/20 pumps only)Shimadzu controller (see HPLC Other)Ready
Vici-VALCOAny valve mounted on two-position microelectric actuator, multiposition microelectric actuator or universal actuator.RS232Ready

Amino Acid Analyzers

Ingos /2AAA 500LANTesting
Sykam /3S4300 Amino Acid Reaction Module SystemRS232Ready

Capillary Electrophoresis (p/n A31)

Prince /2Next CELANTesting

Balances for Clarity EA Extension (p/n A30)

Mettler ToledoAT, MT, UMTRS232Ready
Mettler ToledoExcellenceRS232Ready
SartoriusCP, GC and GP seriesRS232Ready
SartoriusCubis seriesRS232Ready

Other (p/n A24 or A23)

DataApexColumn Usage MonitorUNI RubyReady

Interface types:

RS232Serial communication. Specify the type of the cable or instrument.
LANNetwork communication. Specify the type of the cable or instrument.
USBUSB communication. Specify the type of the cable or instrument.
GPIBhardware: Interface card for older Agilent 1100 system, Part No.: IAG11 (PCI interface) or IAG12 (USB interface)
GSIOChardware: Converter for Gilson serial communication, Part No.: IGLN1
CB20hardware: Internal (PCI) LC Control card (4x D/A & 4x D/F converter), Part No.: A27
Zebrickhardware: External LC Control device (4x D/A & 4x D/F converter), Part No.: B30
OPT-USBhardware: Optical to USB converter, Part No.: OPT01
A/D converterhardware: A/D converter is needed to gather data because the instrument does not support digital acquisition. Part No.: U31, U32, U34
I/O devicehardware: Device capable of sending and receiving TTL signals governed by Clarity, for example any DataApex A/D converter. Part No.: U31, U32, U34
LC UNIsoftware: Universal LC control module for online pumps, Part No.: A24
FC GPsoftware: General Purpose Fraction Collector control module for Clarity, Part No.: A24
UNI RUBYsoftware: Universal control module for various instruments, Part No.: A24
ICFsoftware: Agilent ICF control Libraries embedded in Clarity, Part No.: A24, A26, A29 depending on the controlled modules


1 Developed by third party.
2 Developed by instrument’s producer.
3 Exclusively available from the instrument’s producer in the particular OEM version.
4 Exclusively available from the instrument’s producer – needs a release code.
5 Only limited number of these systems on one Clarity station is possible – see appropriate manual or product page.
6 Available from Dalian Elite company only (in the Chromsoft OEM version).
7 Exclusively available in selected territories through companies approved by Hitachi company.
8 One module in the system must have Interface Card installed.
9 The G1315A, G1315B, G1365A, G1365B sub-types only.
10 Selected models only – Check with Elysia-raytest company.
11 Available from Knauer company only (requires Knauer FRC option).
12 Only models with serial option – Check with Sedere company.
13 Only the detectors sold by Knauer company.

Basic Hardware





A/D converter, external USB, 1 channel
includes KB71 and USB cables


A/D converter, external USB, 2 channels 
includes KB72 and USB cables


A/D converter, external USB, 4 channels
includes KB74 and USB cables


LC Control card (D/A & D/F converter), internal PCI
includes KBCB cable


USB D/A & D/f converter
includes KBCB cable


Validator (available as a part of Validation kit only)
External peak generator

Hardware Upgrade





Upgrade from INT3 / INT5 to Colibrick
External USB, 1 channel (exchange: original A/D converter has to be returned to DataApex)


Upgrade from INT3 / INT5 to Colibrick
External USB, 2 channels (exchange:original A/D converter has to be returned to DataApex)


Upgrade from INT3 / INT5 to Colibrick
External USB, 4 channels (exchange: original A/D converter has to be returned to DataApex)