FWT-70 Opti-Chromic Dosimeters

FWT-70 series of Opti-Chromic Dosimeters are designed for low level radiation processing. They are small optical waveguides that gradually changes from clear to deep blue in relation to absorbed dose. The sensitivity ranges from 10 Gy to 20 kGy depending on the model.
The dye is derived from the family of aminotriphenyl-methane. These dyes can be made radiochromic: that is they will change from colorless to a deeply colored state as a function of absorbed dose. The FWT-70 series of dosimeters use hexa(hydroxyethyl) aminotriphenylacetonitrile (HHEVC) dye inside an optical waveguide. Readout of the dosimeters is by photometric means using dual wavelength photometry.


 Type of Dosimeter: radiochromic optical waveguide
 Trade name: Opti-Chromic Dosimeter 
 Dose Range: FWT-70-40M: 0.01-1 kGy
                          FWT-70-83M: 0.1-20 kGy

 Color Build Up Time: Typically within 1 hour
 Color Change: unirradiated: clear; irradiated: blue
 Wavelength to read dosimeters: 600 nm and 656 nm
 UV Sensitivity: Will color when exposed to wavelengths less than 350 nm.
 Shelf Life: Typically >2 years 
 Optimal Storage Temp: 4 ºC
 Size: 3 mm dia x 5 cm long


 FWT-70-40M, 50 pieces/box
 FWT-70-83M, 50 pieces/box


 FWT-87 1/2″ dia x 2″ long Detector Holders and FWT-87C Spare Caps for the holders