Ramona Quattro

Ramona Quattro

The Ramona Quattro is our ultra sensitive β-HPLC-flow-detector.

RAMONA* Quattro contains 4 beta-radioactivity-coincidence-flow-detectors in 1 instrument. RAMONA* Quattro applies 4 pairs of 2 x 1 1/8” photomultipliers in coincidence to arrange 4 flow cells, one after the other. 

4 coincidence-detectors measure the beta -radioactivity in the HPLC-flow individually. 

The recording PC display 4 individual traces of the HPLC-flow detectors on the screen. Each trace shows the same chromatogram slightly delayed. The individual fraction is flowing from the first to the second, third and fourth coincidence detector and is recorded individually. The flow time from the first to the second, third and fourth detector can be determined individually. Entering the individual flow delay from the first to the second, third and fourth detector to the recording program, 4 simultaneous chromatograms can be obtained and each trace delay can be adjusted individually. The 4 individual chromatograms can be added up and in trace 5 the sum of the 4 individual chromatograms is displayed. The display of the 4 single traces can be suppressed and only the sum shown.

Peak-integration can be performed during measurement and displayed live . This procedure improves the sensitivity of the radioactivity-flow-detector-system. While the peaks are growing linearly by 4, the background is adding up to 2 = sqr of 4 only.