Ramona *

Ramona* is our coincidence HPLC-flow-monitor. RAMONA* analogue output is a new radioactivity-HPLC flow detector in the long tradition of more than 2000 units installed since 1983. Photomultipliers with a 2” diameter photocathode have been selected for highest sensitivity and very low background. Liquid scintillation admixture is the most sensitive detection method for very low energy beta minus nuclides such as H-3. 

Alternative internal solid scintillators of suitable material and particle size offer the same efficiency for 

C-14 as liquid scintillator admixtures. Various internal solid scintillator materials and particle grades are recommended for low energy β- applications. Potential contaminations of solid scintillators have been analysed and avoided. Various external scintillators are recommended for high energy β- applications. Elysia-raytest invented the identification of every flow cell with various internal or external scintillators, particle size, cell volume etc for GLP-applications. By reading the cell-chip the fast coincidence time is automatically adapted to the scintillator material. 

Pulse summation is applied for high spectral resolution. 2 identical, simultaneous counting channels are available. Each channel has individual lower and upper discriminators for various applications and calibrations. The integrated microprocessor counts single events in each channel. The number of counts per interval time is transferred to a PC operating Elysia-raytest`s GINA* or Clarity programs. No range can be overridden. 

Integration of ROI`s and peaks is digital. Statistical accuracy and limit of detection are calculated, displayed and documented.