Science / Industry Flame Photometer

The model ATS/40994 – ATS 200S Science / Industry HPFP™ (High Performance Flame Photometer) is a multi-channel analyser that measures simultaneously and instantaneously up to 4 elements; Na, K, Li, and Ca are included as standard.

It uses powerful microprocessor and proprietary firmware that permits the analysis to be done through a menu driven routine. This allows for easy operation through a ’Yes / No’ menu-driven routine, minimising the variables due to human error.

This is the ideal instrument to speed up bulk sample analysis.

For the fully automated system, the model ATS/40998-4is offered. This unit includes the ATS LabAssistant™, and the ATS MiniSoftWin™ PC Professional Software to create a powerful, programmable, walk-away system.

ATS 200S Science and Industry High Performance Flame
Photometer (HPFP)™

Simultaneous analysis of all elements.
Fixed multi-channel optics.
Calcium Analysis without Sodium interference.
Automatic flame ignition.
Automatic optical flame failure control.
Auto calibration.

The ATS 200S Science and
Industry High Performance Flame
Photometer (HPFP)™, offers the latest state-of-the-art design; uses a
powerful microprocessor/ microcontroller and cellular telephone
technology for the simultaneous measurement of up to 4 elements;
Na, K, Li, and Ca channels, in a single sample aspiration.
Full analysis is done via optional accessories: laptop control using the
ATS MiniSoftWin™ Software.
Single elements can be selected for analysis, or all elements analysed in
simultaneous and instantaneous mode. Simplified calibration. AutoZero
& Auto-HiCal calibration points are automatically memorized in seconds.

Analyser Benefits :
-single & multi-point calibration curves 
-environmentally friendly; uses microsamples & micro diluent volumes;
 saving on environmental waste and lowering costs.
-wider analytical measuring ranges 

When using the ATS MiniSoftWin™ Software:
-validation routines
-automatic memorizing of analysis data and methods for recall and future re-use
-reduces laboratory red tape by over 60%
-automatically provides the user with much of the documentation for meeting the ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory Quality Standard and others
-automatic analytical data protection
with powerful encryption.

Typical applications include:

environmental investigations (water, waste waters, solid wastes, etc), —agriculture (plants, soils, fertilizers, animal tissues, water),
beverages (milk, soft drinks, wine, beer),
food & feeds,
pharmaceutical quality control,
blood & urine,
health and educational sciences,
advanced research,
industrial quality control,
paper industries,
and many others.


Measuring Ranges:
Na    0- 200 ppm;
Li      0- 200 ppm;
K       0-200 ppm; Linearity : natural linearity extended multi-fold
Ca     0- 200 ppm
Ba     30-3000 ppm (option)

Reproducibility : 2% CV for 10 consecutive measurements

Measuring Units: ppm, mmol/L, mEq/L or other

Drift : 1 % over 30 min

Sensitivity : typically 0.4 ppm Na and K

Fuel Supply : Butane, Propane or LPG
Detection Limit: 0.02 ppm for Na, K, Li, Ca(10 ppm for Ba)

Air Supply : air compressor with oil/water/dust filters

Dimensions and Weights: ATS/40994 Analyser: 320L X 400W X 400H mm; Net 9 kg, 230VAC, 50Hz or 110VAC, 60Hz

ATS Air Compressor: 340L x 250W x 350H mm; Net 6 kg. 230VAC, 50Hz or 110VAC, 60Hz

ATS/40994 Brochure