X-600 Spare parts


KP7500A – Spare kit X-600

KP7501A – Spare kit X-600 – Advanced

KP7001A – Magnetic stirrer X-600

KP7010A – Square PTFE (Teflon) beaker X-600


KP7002A – Heating element X-600

KP7107A – Thermocouple X-600

KP5105A – Door spring kit

KP5024A – Door cam and cable replacement K2P/X-600

KP6105A – Door spring set for cam opening system

KP5106A – Ceramic connector K2P/X-600

KP6208A – Microswitch with actuator length of 56mm K2P/X-600

KP0109A – Door motor

KP5110A – Furnace cooling fan K2P/X-600

KP7110A – Chimney for X-600




KP6677A – Black Disk – Crucible holder K2P/X-600 – 6 positions

KP5009A – Crucible holder shaft aluminum couplings (set of 2)

KP6277A – Black disk end plate

KP7377A – Ceramic crucible axles (set of two) X-600

KP0127A – Ceramic sleeve long [41 mm]

KP0459A – Ceramic tube 6mm spacer (1X)

KP6129A – Ceramic tube K2P/X-600 crucible bottom/side/top [312.5mm]

KP0131A – Ceramic washer

KP0461A – Ceramic tube 99.5mm spacer for Claisse crucible holder apm (1x)

KP6577A – Black Disk – Crucible holder security rod (green alloy)



KP7003A – Mold fingers X-300/600 (one pair)


KP7004A – Mold fingers holding bar X-600

KP7074A – Human Machine Interface (touchscreen) X-300/600

KP7073A – Solid State Relay AC X-300/600

KP7075A – Solid State Relay DC X-300/600

KP7166A – X-600 motor controller board (door)

KP7167A – X-600 motor controller board (sliding)

KP7168A – X-600 motor controller board (rocking)

KP7169A – X-600 motor controller board (magnetic stirrer)

KP5063A – Temperature controller

KP5301A – Mold cooling blower K2P/X-600




KP7377A – Ceramic crucible axles (set of two) X-600

KP5009A – Crucible holder shaft aluminum couplings (set of 2)

KP5151A – Motor rocking dual shaft(left side)

KP5152A – Motor rocking dual-shaft(right side)

KP5104F – Thermal expansion spring kit

KP5154A – Linear rail and carriage for sliding

KP5156A – Motor sliding K2P/X-600

KP5158A – Sliding belt (set of 2)

KP5075A – Locking solenoid