RTM 1688-2 Geo Station

RTM 1688-2 Geo Station

Soil gas sensor of RTM 1688-2 Geo Station in operation under rough environmental conditions at a volcano


The internal measurement chamber of the standard version has been replaced by the separate soil gas probe. The probe contains the Radon measurement chamber as well as the sensors for temperature and humidity and the shock detector. The compact and rough cover made from stainless steel and Acetal allows the usage of the probe inside bore holes from 80 mm up. All electronics and the detector are protected by a special Urethane coating to ensure a long operation time even under extreme conditions as expected in seismic and volcanic active areas (e.g. H2S). A large area Silicon rubber diffusion membrane results in short response time. We guarantee a water tightness up to one meter immersion depth.

The control panel of the instrument and the rechargeable battery 12 V/12 Ah are installed inside a solid and sealed (IP66) Aluminium enclosure. Optionally, a radio modem and a clock timer to switch on/off the modem periodically are available.

The battery enables an autonomous operation of more than 60 days. An external power supply, either a mains power adapter or a solar panel can be connected to recharge the battery permanently. The internal battery can be replaced by an external one with higher capacity without much effort.

The soil gas probe is connected by an up to 10 m long cable. All connections (soil gas probe, external power, external battery) and the cable feed-through are placed on the bottom panel of the unit.