Features & Advantages

Apply to all organic solvents to satisfy all demands.

Automatic Soxhlet standard method, it customized by glass and PTFE, which can block all impurities and possess high rate of accuracy.

One-click manipulation for start and pause, that makes operation with high proficiency.

Analyzer allows its controller to adsorb on any surface that made by iron.

Vertical screen, more humanization.

In-built 5 methods of extraction, handy operation.

Preset common reagent options, one-click manipulation for repeated trials

The overall heating module, that possesses features of warming faster, favorable effect and low power consumption.

Full temperature and flow control for environmental and economy.

In-built ether leak detection device to ensure experiment safety.

Efficient solvents recovering system for reduce experimentation cost.


<span “=””>SOX606 Automatic Soxhlet Extractor, designed based on the Soxhlet extraction principle with weight method to determine the fat content. It has five extraction methods to meet different demands from customer. The whole metal heating module, heating up fast, good effect, low power consumption; access to all-round water temperature, flow control, environmental protection more economical; built-in ether leak detection device to ensure experimental safety. It is widely used in agricultural/ food /chemical /environment and other areas, especially for the drug ,soil, sludge,cleaner and other substances in the extraction of soluble organic compounds.

>Automatic extraction

>One touch to start extraction, lifting, pre-heating, extraction, dilution, solvent recovery automatically.

>In-built 5 unique methods of extraction, handy operation.

>Include Soxhlet Extraction, Soxhlet Hot Extraction, Continue Flow Extractioin, Hot Extraction, CH Standard methods,

>Apply to all organic solvents

>Customized by glass and PTFE, which can block all impurities and possess high rate of accuracy, apply to all organic solvents, satisfying the requirements of users.

>ECO- friendly and conservation

>Full temperature and flow control for reduce consumption of condensed water.