The model ATS/40998-7 – ATS 200S High Performance Flame Photometer™ System with Mg is a multi-channel analyser system that measures simultaneously and instantaneously up to 4 elements in a single aspiration. The hardware for Na, K, Mg, and Ca are included in the basic analyser with additional element channels available.

The system consists of the ATS/40997 Analyser, the ATS LabAssistant™ with piston type precision auto-dilutor for micro volume dilutions, the ATS MiniSoftWin™ PC Professional Software, and an HP laptop creating a fully automated system delivering hands-off operation.


The ATS 200S Science and Industry High Performance Flame Photometer (HPFP)™ SYSTEM,

offers the latest state-of-the-art design; uses a powerful microprocessor/ micro-controller and cellular telephone
technology for the simultaneous measurement of up to 4 elements; Na,K, Mg, and Ca channels, in a single
sample aspiration.
The system consists of the ATS/40997 Analyser, ATS/20101 LabAssistant™ with piston type precision auto-dilutor for micro volume dilutions, and a laptop with the ATS MiniSoftWin™ software installed all fully integrated.
Single elements can be selected for analysis, or all elements analysed in simultaneous and instantaneous mode.
Easy operation through the ATS MiniSoftWin™ Professional Software


The ATS/40998-7 permits the analysis to be done through a menu driven routine via our proprietary software. This allows for easy methods development via PC keyboard allowing for final analytical data to be graphically displayed, mathematically adjusted, and final report print-out.

ATS High Performance Flame Photometer with ATS  LabAssistant™ and PC control.
Simultaneous analysis of all elements.
Fixed multi-channel optics.
Calcium Analysis without Sodium interference.
Automatic flame ignition.
Automatic optical flame failure control.
Auto calibration.

Benefits offered by this system:
single & multi-point calibration curves  validation routines wider analytical measuring ranges automatic memorizing of analysis data and methods for recall and future re-use Auto Zero & Auto HiCal automatically memorized to simplify analysis.
reduces laboratory red tape by over 60% automatically provides user with much of the documentation for
ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory Quality Standard and others.
automatic analytical data protection with powerful encryption.
environmentally friendly; uses micro-samples & micro diluents volumes; saves on environmental waste and lowers costs.

Measuring Ranges:
Na     0 – 200 ppm;     Mg 0 – 200 ppm;        K 0 – 200 ppm;
Ca      0 – 200 ppm      Ba 30 – 3000 ppm (optional)
Measuring Units: ppm, mmol/L, mEq/L or other. Drift : 1 % over 30 min
Sensitivity : typically 0.4 ppm Na and K
Detection Limit : 0.02 ppm for Na, K, (10 ppm for Ba)
Linearity : Natural linearity extended multi-fold
Reproducibility : 2% CV for 10 consecutive measurements
Fuel Supply : Butane, Propane or LPG
Air Supply : air compressor with oil/water/dust filters

Typical applications include:
environmental (water, waste waters, etc.), agriculture (water, plants, soils, fertilizers, animal (tissues, feeds, etc.), food laboratories, (beverage, milk, soft drinks, etc.), veterinary laboratories, pharmaceutical quality control, educational sciences,advanced research, industrial quality control and many others.

Dimensions and Weights:
ATS/40997 Analyser: 320L X 400W X 400H mm;       Net 9 kg, 230VAC, 50Hz or 110VAC, 60Hz
ATS Air Compressor: 340L x 250W x 350H mm;          Net 6 kg. 230VAC, 50Hz or 110VAC, 60Hz