The HGX-200 is a specialized system for the generation of volatile hydride species or the reduction of mercury to Hg(0) (cold vapor). Elements of interest that form volatile hydrides include the difficult to measure elements As, Se, and Sb.  The HGX-200 can be easily interfaced to any ICP-AES or ICP-MS instrument.

Lower Detection Limits:  Up to 10x or more improvement in instruments detection limits (IDLs) for As, Se, Sb, or Hg with ICP-AES or ICP-MS.

Selective Hydride Generation / Cold Vapor Chemistry:  The NaBH4 hydride reaction is selective for As, Se, and Sb with no reaction for common potential interfering matrix components such as Na, K, Ca, and Mg.  Stannous chloride (SnCl2) is used for reduction of mercury to Hg (0).

Specialized Gas Liquid Separator:  A specialized u-shaped gas-liquid separator (GLS) includes a frosted glass post, providing a high surface area for liquid film evaporation and release of hydrides and Hg (0).

Inert Membrane Filter:  The GLS also features an inert membrane filter and a droplet separator to achieve complete gas/liquid separation and reduce background noise.

Dual Gas Flow Inlets:  The HGX-200 features dual argon gas inlets, including an on-board analog flow meter.  A separate gas flow through the GLS (before the inert membrane) allows a lower argon flow, minimizing noise-generating turbulence; additional argon gas is then added after the membrane to complete the needed sample vapor flow to the ICP.

Small Footprint:  The small footprint of the HGX-200 allows convenient placement on a benchtop or the sample rack tray of the CETAC ASX-520/560 Autosamplers.

Easy Setup:  Connections for the sample, acid, NaBH4, and SnClsolutions are color coded for easy setup; an interface kit (with gas supply and sample out lines) is included for the host ICP-AES or ICP-MS instrument.  Dedicated reagent bottles and solution mixing blocks are also provided.

Specificatio​n TitleSpecification Details
Gas Flow Meter1 L/min Argon, up to 200 psi pressure
Reagent Bottles​​Acid, NaBH4, HCl/Sn(II), 1 Liter each​
     Width     30.5 cm (12 in.)
     ​Height     ​43.8 cm (17.25 in)
     ​Depth     ​21.9 cm (8.75 in)
​Weight​3.4 kg (7.5 lbs)
Warranty12 month limited


  • ​​Water
  • Environmental Research
  • Geology