AAS-9000 Flame and Graphite furnace

AAS 9000 Integrated Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

It has flame and graphite atomizers, incorporating their features. Users can switch atomizer quickly based on test needs to ensure best test effect.
AAS 9000 (with graphite furnace auto sampler) and AAS 9000-M (without graphite furnace auto sampler) adopt flame and graphite atomizers, with better universality. In serial light path design, it realizes automatic switch between two atomizers, and delivers stable and reliable test.

High Automatic 
Multiple Safety Protection 
Humanized Design
Perfect Service System

Host Machine

1、Total reflection achromatic optical system
Using concave mirror instead of convex lens, effectively solved the chromatic aberration problem of different focuses of different elements, and increased the efficiency of optical system.

2、C-T Monochromator
1800 lines/mm, blaze wavelength of 230nm beam-splitting system

3、8-element lamp turret
8 independent lamp power supplies, 7 lamps heating simultaneously at most while one is working, saving lamp changing and preheating time, the operation is more convenient as a result.

4、Full automatic design
The instrument is totally monitored and controlled by computer, except for mainframe power switch.

5、USB2.0 communication interface
Update the old RS232 mode into the latest USB2.0 mode, increasing the communication speed, and compatible with the new operation system.

6、Background correction system
Deuterium lamp background correction and self-reversal background correction, be able to correct over 30 times of background when background signal is 1A

7、Streamline sheet metal process design, modern stylish, elegant and beautiful

8、Proprietary intellectual property rights and powerful activity manager software
Humanized operation interface makes your operation easier; the interface of the software can be switched between English and Chinese. Full automatic qualitative and quantitative analysis can calculate element contents and generate report automatically.

Flame System

1、Pure Ti atomizing chamber and burner
Prevent acid gas corrosion effectively and maximize service life

2、Efficient glass nebulizer
Efficient glass nebulizer with higher nebulization efficiency, easy to maintain and replace

3、Mass flow controller makes the flow of C2H2 controllable
Control C2H2 flow adjustable, monitoring the flow dynamically, ensuring it to be convenient and safe.

4、Multiple safety protection measures, ensuring the reliability of the sample analysis
(1)C2H2 leaking preventive measure 
(2)C2H2 pressure monitoring
(3)Air pressure monitoring
(4)Burner monitoring
(5)Flaming burning monitoring
(6)Water seal monitoring

Graphite Furnace System

1、Internal power supply 
The power supply of graphite furnace and host machine are incorporated in one instrument, which makes it more compact, shortens cable length, reduces the electromagnetic interference of graphite furnace power supply and improves heating efficiency of graphite tube.

2、High temperature control precision, quick temperature rise
Large power transformer, micro resistance cable and light control heating mode are used, combined with software and hardware temperature calibration systems, ensuring ±1% control precision under high temperature

3、Multiple safety protection measures, ensuring the reliability of the sample analysis
1)Cooling water flow monitoring
2)Carrier gas pressure monitoring
3)Graphite tube temperature monitoring
4)Graphite furnace temperature monitoring

4、Carrier gas flow auto-control
The internal and external gas of graphite furnace are automatically controlled by computer based on software heating procedures.


Disc type universal auto-sampler with 150 cup positions
Polar coordinates disc type auto-sampler, with high positioning accuracy, stable operation and easy maintenance (manual sampling for AAS8000-M and AAS9000-M, no auto-sampler supplied)

Technical Parameters

Host machine
Monochromator: Czerny-Turner
Wavelength coverage: 190nm ~ 900nm
Wavelength accuracy: ±0.25nm
Wavelength repeatability: < 0.10nm
Spectral bandwidth: auto-switch among 0.1/0.2/0.4/0.7/1.4 nm

Flame system
RSD(Cu): < 1%
Detection limit (Cu): < 0.006ug/mL
Characteristic concentration (Cu): < 0.025μg/ml/1%
Static stability: 0.003 Abs
Dynamic stability: 0.005 Abs

Graphite furnace system
Temperature control range: room temp. – 3000℃
Heating rate: 3000℃/s
RSD (Cd): ≤ 2% (for auto sampling)
RSD (Cd): ≤ 5% (for manual sampling)
Detection limit (Cd): ≤ 1pg

Optional configuration

1.Low noise oil-less air compressor
2.Auto water cooling system
3.Hydride generator
4.Advanced PC
5.Advanced printer
6.Light source for elements to be analyzed

Humanized software interface, automatic test, accurate result

AAS Series software is applicable to Windows systems.

Interface in Windows style, more in line with user’s habits, simplified operation

Main interface basically covers all functions, like parameter setting, instrument control, data processing, spectrum display, curve fitting, user management, instrument status monitoring.

Automatic sample test, record previous test parameters automatically, save project, export test report, convert to EXCEL etc.